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A free trade deal with the United States offers us nothing but more shameless exploitation at the hands of their powerful multinational corporations that everywhere rape and pillage the world. Australia went down the slippery slope of ‘troops for trade’ by sending their soldiers in the illegal and unethical attack on Iraq and the net result was a free trade deal that opened up their economy and society to merciless corporate and state power intent on smashing unions, environmental regulations and consumer protections.What is happening over the Tasman is a frightening indication of where the USNZ Partnership Forum will lead us. The US-Australia free trade agreement (FTA) has significantly eroded Australians ability to control their public services as the deal now means,

“Australia will accord substantial market access across its entire services regime, offering access in sectors such as telecommunications, express delivery, computer and related services, tourism, energy, construction and engineering, financial services, insurance, audio/visual and entertainment, professional, environmental, education and training, and other services sectors.”

This means that in these areas, US companies can demand “market access” to bid for public services currently supplied by the government. The US government can challenge any regulation of any of these services as a “barrier to trade” under the FTA. For example, in the area of “environmental services”, requirements that national parks be run by government agencies may be a “barrier to trade” which could be challenged, opening national parks to be run by US corporations.
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Unsurprisingly the participants at the USNZ Partnership Forum have much experience in attacking humanity in their quest for new markets to rip off, new eco-systems to ravage and new workers to exploit. Mike Moore and Jim Bolger, two leaders of the attacks on social welfare, education, health care, housing, Maori and the environment during the 1980s and 1990s, will be batting for New Zealand during the Forum. On the other side representing the US, is Clayton Yeutter, a US Trade representative who during the negotiations of the Canada–United States Free Trade Agreement, said about the deal, “The Canadians don’t know what they’ve signed. In 20 years they’ll be sucked into the U.S. economy.” Well, at least they tell the truth.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, the US and Mexico, that came into force in 1994 is a good example of the path that a free trade agreement with the US would take. In 1996 the Canadian government banned the importation of MMT, a gasoline additive that causes nerve damage to humans, and being brought into Canada by a US corporation. The corporation argued in court that the ban was damaging to their company and the Canadian government was forced to allow imports of the chemical and paid the company US$13 million

That’s just one reason why we need as many concerned New Zealanders to speak out against corporate globalisation. If you want fair trade, a healthy society, an inclusive economy and a peaceful planet, then come out on the streets on September 10, and let the government know, NZ IS NOT FOR SALE

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