NZ Is Not For Sale!

NOT FOR SALEThis September in Auckland a high-profile meeting, the US-NZ Partnership Forum, will further talks on creating a free trade deal between the US and NZ. President George W Bush is said to be making an appearance.

A free trade agreement would allow US corporations to sue our government for threatening their profits. It puts all of Aotearoa up for sale to US corporations. Their free trade agreement will “remove barriers” to US corporate control. Changes could include;

  • Privatisation of our water, schools and hospitals.
  • Removal of our environmental and public health protections.
  • End of local content funding for TV and Music.
  • Banning labelling of genetically engineered food.
  • End to government subsidies of medicines

This is your chance to tell our government to put people and planet before profits.

Tomorrow might be too late.


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